North River

The North River has something for everyone. You can fish the put and take water in Elkhorn Lake, the Delayed Harvest Section below the dam, or you can fish the put-and-take brookie and wild brookie water upstream of the lake. There’s also put-and-take water nearby in Hearthstone Lake and Braley Pond.

To get there from the south, take US250 West out of Staunton, through Churchville. Turn right onto Va 715. Eventually the pavement ends. When the road reaches a Y intersection, you can go left and fish the brookie water, or turn right to go to Elkhorn Lake. To get to the Delayed Harvest section, park at the lake, and take the path along the south shore up around the dam to the outlet. There are always fish in the big pool below the outlet pipes. I usually fish the next 1/2 mile downstream.

If you take the road north past the lake (I think it’s called Forest Road 95) , you go up above the gorge section of the river. You can find a parking place along here and take one of the trails down into the gorge to fish. There’s a nice hiking trail here.

To leave this area towards Harrisonburg (or enter from the north), take FR95 down the hill of the gorge section, and turn right onto Va 718. Turn left onto Va730/ North River Rd. Turn right onto Natural Chimney’s Rd./ 731. You can fish more put-and-take water in Natural Chimney’s Park. In Mt. Solon, turn left onto 747/ Mossy Creek Rd. If you take the right at Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church (613/ Kyles Mill) you can fish Mossy Creek and complete the trout fishing tour of northern Augusta County. Or, of you keep going on 747 you’ll eventually hit VA 42 which will take you into Bridgewater and, eventually, Harrisonburg. The fastest way to I 81 is to turn right onto Dinkel Ave/ 257 in Bridgewater.

NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service for North River near Stokesville

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