Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a small spring creek in Ottobine, a little town southwest of Harrisonburg. It’s stocked with large rainbows by the Massanutten chapter of TU with the cooperation of local landowners. The creek is open to only 4 anglers a day Monday-Saturday. You get your permit for $10 at 257 Grocery at 6939 Briery Branch Road, Dayton, VA Make sure you get there early, as the permits get snatched up quick, especially in the summer when it gets to be the only game in town. Park only at the Ottobine Country Store or at the Ottobine Elementary School.

A good day on Beaver creek will produce 10 trout between 14 and 20 inches, so this is the best deal in fly fishing. I caught a 20″ fish right under the Briery Branch bridge in early July. I’ve had the best luck on a Golden Retriever streamer. Try hoppers and beetle patterns in July-September.

Update 8/1/2011
With a TU Embrace a Stream grant, the Massanutten Chapter of TU did a fantastic job creating structure and holding water in a big section of Beaver Creek. Try a hopper or beetle pattern around tails below these structures. In the wooded sections, work a small streamer through cover. And in the bigger pools, drift a large nymph or drowned hooper (July FoM) as a dropper below the streamer.


  • Take Rt. 42 South(4.7 miles) to the town of Dayton from Harrisonburg or Take the Bridgewater exit from I 81, follow Rt 257 through Bridgewater, and turn right onto Rt 42 after going through Bridgewater.
  • Take Rt. 257 West in Dayton(6.2 miles) to the 1st stop sign in Ottobine.
  • The Ottobine Country Store is located on the right at the stop sign.
  • You may park ONLY at the Ottobine Country Store or at the Ottobine Elementary School located about 1.5 miles straight through the stop sign.

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