Back Creek

Back Creek gets little pressure compared to the Jackson River, because it’s a further 15 minutes into the boondocks. But it’s a very nice fishery with colder water in the summer due to the bottom release dam that feeds the creek. To get there take 39 west of Warm Springs, VA, cross the Jackson, and go up over the next ridge. Take a right onto 600 (north) and go about 5.5 miles. The Back Creek Delayed Harvest (you can’t keep fish from October 1 to June 1) area access is the dirt road just to the right of the bridge. Don’t worry if you have to back up after you pass it. I do every time. (There’s no sign).

Back Creek as it is now is a completely engineered stream. It was made by Dominion after they destroyed the old creek to put in the dam and power facility. It sort of looks in places like a trout stream in Bill Gate’s back yard, with gambions holding the banks and huge out-of-place boulders. But it’s a pretty little stream, with a picturesque bridge, and beautiful paper birches.

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